Vindication Director Sets Out to Explore Faith Without Crossing the Line

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06 Sep

The road to Vindication started with single episode in 2015. Four years later, first-time director Jarod O’Flaherty has a ten-episode detective serial on Amazon that tells the story of individuals who are wrongly accused, who find themselves vindicated by the end of each episode. While Christian film can often fit a certain mold, O’Flaherty’s series has enough of the real world, enough faith, and enough distinctive flavor to catch the attention of the most jaded viewer. 

On a lunch break from his role as software designer, O’Flaherty shared that he never imagined the first episode would launch a series, but after the festival circuit and distribution deal were locked up, producers requested more of Detective Travis (Todd Terry, Breaking Bad, American Crime). “We did a second short film with Todd,” O’Flaherty explained, “but when they asked for a third story, I said we needed to start developing continuous themes.”

Of course, in a series called Vindication, each of the people who seems to be the likeliest culprit of the crime Detective Travis is trying to solve isn’t the person who has perpetrated the crime. O’Flaherty was careful to show a unique background each episode, at one time using a story about how he came to Christ and in another telling about the struggles of a young entrepreneur that he had experienced himself. And the series works. 

While the intent is to get the heart racing, O’Flaherty clearly wants his episodes to represent his faith and be as family-friendly as possible while dealing with some heavier themes. “When I’m editing, I know my wife or one of my four kids could come in,” he explained. “I know the subjects are more mature in nature, but these things are going on in their school and in conversations with their friends. This stuff is going on, so I want to be able to talk about it with them, but I don’t need to stamp an image on their mind that can’t be forgotten.” 

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