"To Be a Soldier" Available on DVD

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04 Mar

To Be a Soldierfrom the award-winning creators of Andy’s Rainbow, is an action-packed adventure inspired by true events. When the sister of a mild-mannered British insurance salesman goes missing in the Middle East, he recruits a troubled ex-Army ranger to help him find her. As they trek across a desolate, war-torn wasteland, they battle murderous terrorists, inhospitable elements, and their own dark human natures. Dedicated to veterans of operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom, and Inherent Resolve.

The film stars Jacob Dufour, T.L. Bridger, Wayne E. Brown, Julie Streble, Christian Thesken, Rachel Casey, Miguel Gonzalez, Payton Christian, Haroon Kahn, and Caleb Martin. To Be a Soldier is directed, produced, and co-written by Adam Dufour with music (& co-written) by Jacob Dufour. TL Bridger is a co-writer and cinematography is by Daniel Cleghorn. Amor Domini Productions.

The DVD will be available in retail stores March 5th.