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17 Jun

Timbertown is a quirky (and often humorous) character-driven drama that takes place in the small, fictional, midwestern town of New Mansopelea (locally referred to as “Timbertown” due to its economy revolving primarily around the logging and timber industry). The film follows three people - a logger, a conservation officer, and a widow - in their own individual chapters as the small town deals with the aftermath of the murder of its local preacher. The movie, and several of the characters, represent different themes from the book of Ecclesiastes. 

Timbertown stars Eleanor Brown, Cory Kays, Adam Dufour, David Ross, C.J. Swift,  Rich Jones, Dave Payton, Angela Duggins, Jacob Dufour, and Michael J. Patterson. The film is written & directed by Adam Dufour & Jacob Dufour of Amor Domini Productions LLC, an independent film production company dedicated to producing original, quality Christian content. Their past film endeavors include Andy's Rainbow, To Be a Soldier, Forward Until Found, and The Redemption of Benjamin Black. Timbertown, which is currently being filmed, is their third full-length feature.

Learn more about Amor Domini Productions at AmorDomini.com 

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