The Dark Places

1 min read
25 Mar

The Dark Places is a faith-based short film that follows a young woman’s journey from depression and self-harming to a place of HOPE. Sarah (Bethany Becker), a young woman struggling with severe depression, has been caught in a nightmare of self harming, which she has used as a coping mechanism. 

When we first meet Sarah she is lost in a forest of confusion and despair, has a profound sense of worthlessness and is desperate to gain control of her life.  She feels alone, but there is a man, a loving FATHER reaching out and offering her a pathway to Hope.

The film stars Tommy G. Kendrick, who also is the director, and Bethany Becker. LeAnn Morris is the writer/producer, James Burgess is DP/Editor/Post-Production Supervisor, and David Michael Hyde, composer. The film is currently making the festival rounds.