Song of the Tree Frogs

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04 Nov

Phillip and Michael, two brothers who are on a desperate journey to find unconditional love in a world dominated by hatred and manipulation, have good reason to doubt that their lives will ever be normal. Their father is cruel, and his rage only grows worse when he discovers a letter to his wife, revealing that his youngest son may not be his. As days turn into years, Phillip realizes that his father will never be satisfied until he destroys Michael. Phillip has no choice but to find a way to protect his brother, whatever the cost. Furthermore, Phillip must learn how to accept his brother’s forgiveness, as well as forgiving himself. Discover how faith, hope, and love can turn any life into a masterpiece, especially when God takes over as the artist. 

Song of the Tree Frogs is based on the novel written by J.W. Kitson,. The novel was published by Morgan James Publishing, a Christian based publishing company, in 2017. The novel has been adapted to a screenplay, endorsed by the publisher, and will be released in 2020. Directed by Josh Menning, Written by J.W. Kitson, and Produced by Josh Menning & John Washington Kitson.

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