"Not For Sale"

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03 Feb

NOT FOR SALE is a new feature film made by law enforcement depicting multiple true stories of underage victims of sex trafficking in America.

You see, unfortunately when we hear the words “sex trafficking,” as Americans we immediately think of women and children overseas who are being forced into the sex trade.  That’s not the full story; unbelievably Americans are trafficking other Americans and most of them are underage. 

NOT FOR SALE is about exposing this growing $1 billion dollar industry through the eyes of the victims and those on the front lines fighting this modern day slavery.

 Sex Trafficking: The New American Slavery.

2 million children are trafficked for sex worldwide. 250,000 of those children live here in the United States. 10,000 of those children are smuggled into America every year.

How much is 250,000?  The stadium hosting this years Super Bowl holds nearly over 70,000 people. Filling that stadium three times would still not represent all of the children being trafficked in America today.

Learn more at TraffickingFilm.com

Starring (New Police Officer and Actor Dean Cain), the filmmakers hope to raise the remaining $40K to start filming during the Summer 2019.  Proceeds from this film will support national and local sex-trafficking organizations. You can contribute at GoFundMe/NotForSaleFilm