Laura Mae of Christian Casting

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07 Jan

The following is a Faith Flix interview by Filmmaker/Blogger/Speaker Sharon Wilharm with Laura Mae, Founder of Christian Casting:

"My friend Jenn Gotzon introduced me to Laura Mae when we were casting for Summer of ’67. We’d already cast all our speaking roles, but Laura Mae brought us quality actors from AMTC to fill some of our featured extra roles. She immediately impressed me with her professionalism and efficiency and that each of her actors came to us prepared and ready to shoot. Now I’m excited to find out that she’s started her own casting agency. I know the filmmakers and actors who work with her will have a great experience."

What was the inspiration for Christian Casting?
Christian Casting was born from a deep heart’s desire to see the gifts of Christian entertainers be given a community where project makers, talent and crew alike, all across the nation (and eventually around the world) could easily find, inspire, encourage, and better one another.

What distinguishes Christian Casting from other casting agencies?
 We are able to work on both sides of the production, providing support to the film-making team throughout the entire process, wherever it is needed most. On the talent side, it is the same idea of consistent support. If you have spent any time on this journey, you know that it can be overwhelming to do it alone. Often talent find themselves discouraged in between jobs, struggling to understand their purpose in the downtime, wrestling with the commitment to their day jobs, begging God to know why He has given this dream and not allowed it to be fulfilled yet… For those, we offer community. Encouragement. Like-minded people on every side who truly understand that journey and can inspire them to new heights in their moments of stillness as well as the opportunity to advance their training. For them, and for the performer who has the dream to begin but perhaps has never been given the opportunity (or known where to even start), we will offer training articles, educational resources and live coaching from industry professionals that can help you continue to skill up in your talent, ensuring that when the time comes for you to submit for your first project (or fourth or twelfth), you are able to do so in excellence… and to stay encouraged as you continue to train and wait for your open door. 

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