Jesus Film in sign language.

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25 Dec

Deaf Missions, a global organization that works to spread the Word of God amongst the Deaf,  has announced plans of producing a film about Jesus’ birth, ministry, death and resurrection in sign language. 

According to the organisation, the movie will deliver the Gospel to about 70 million deaf people worldwide.

The full-length film is still being developed, the organization says. 

“The heart-language, it’s related to a person’s identity. For a person to see something in their heart-language, that really will capture their heart, and they’ll feel, that person will then, will feel like ‘Oh my goodness, they’re actually communicating to me. This is my language’,” Chad Entinger with Deaf Missions signs while communication through a translator, as reported by Mission Network News.

Production is set to take at least three years, possibly four years. The pilot video is the launching point for this project. Plans for fundraising is in the works to finish raising the complete financial resources needed for the pre-production, production, and post-production phases of this project.

Entinger signs the Jesus Movie has many ties to Bible translation, especially Bible translation for sign languages. There are still entire countries that have not had the opportunity to start Bible translations for their local sign languages. Entinger hopes the Jesus Movie will help connect people and give them a launching point for their translation efforts, too.

Pray for the project’s funding, too. Ask God to meet the needs of this project. Finally, pray for God to use this project to reveal himself to the Deaf community on a larger scale, and to equip others in translation work.

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