Cinema in the Smokies

1 min read
02 Aug

Liberty Church Arts Fellowship is currently looking for family-friendly and/or faith-based films that are under 20 minutes long. Films can have real forces of antagonism, but must be suitable for an audience of all ages. Located in Cosby, TN, near Gatlinburg and the North Carolina border, Cinema in the Smokies will take place November 8, 2019 from 7:00 - 9:30 pm. They’ll screen about 2 hours of narrative short films—including an intermission for refreshments and meeting new friends. The event is free. The seats are comfortable. The company is great!

This is not a competition, but a part of Liberty Church Arts Fellowship which seeks to provide an evening of film, a stage play, and a concert on a regular basis for the community. Since 2012, Cinema in the Smokies is a community event that provides an evening of fun and fellowship for everyone in Cosby & surrounding areas through short films and art displays.

LCAF is asking for film submissions and hoping to connect with Christian filmmakers and artists. Their website is & they can be reached at