Chonda Pierce - UNASHAMED

1 min read
17 Apr

Top selling female comedian, Chonda Pierce, is unashamed of her stand for Christ. Chonda will make you laugh and think as she boldly proclaims the truth of the Gospel to a hurting world. This is the culmination of 30 years of combining laughter with ministry. In a time where the Church is facing its greatest challenges, Chonda takes a journey into the hearts of the faithful as she engages some of the boldest believers in America to proclaim the Gospel is true. Mike Huckabee, Danny Gokey, the Benham Brothers and others tell their stories of speaking truth to our culture…no matter the consequences.

Only Chonda can communicate deep and meaningful truth and make you laugh at the same time. Chonda is unchained, unrestrained and UNASHAMED!

Chonda Pierce: Unashamed is Chonda’s funniest movie yet. Coming to Cinemas May 7th and 9th, just a few days before Mother’s Day. So, invite your mom, sister, grandma and every lady in the church for an early Mother’s Day gift and a night to remember. To buy TICKETS at your THEATER, CLICK HERE.