24 Flix – With Chief Communications Officer Laura Mae

1 min read
08 Feb

Many of you know Laura Mae as a casting agent and founder of Christian Casting. Now she’s taking on a new role as chief communications officer for 24 Flix, a brand new streaming network. 24 Flix is the brainchild of Marty Jean-Louis, founder of International Christian Film Festival. Here, Laura explains what sets 24 Flix apart from other streaming services.  

What was the inspiration for the platform?
The heart behind the project is two-fold: to provide filmmakers a platform to easily distribute their family-friendly projects and to provide a streaming network free of profanity, sex, and nudity that would appeal to anyone who seeks more wholesome entertainment.

Explain how it works.
For only $3.99/mo (or just $39.99/yr), users currently have access to 4,000 titles, with more being added all the time. At a fraction of the cost of Netflix, it’s a no brainer. We have comedy, drama, action, romance and of course a large library of classic films and TV shows. We provide a seven-day trial and you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. All of our content has a max rating of PG-13 and the ratings are clearly marked on each video. Several “24 Flix Originals” are also being offered, with many more in the making.

Read the rest of Sharon Wilharm's interview with Laura Mae at FaithFlixFilms.com. Included is a link you can use to submit your content to 24Flix!